Cheryl recommends going with the first tea you intuitively choose.  How do you do this?  You may be drawn to:

  • The colour of the tin.  Colour therapy impacts our daily lives.  Often we are wearing the colour we need and that might match to the chakra that needs balancing.

  • The ingredients - upon smelling, looking at and reading up on the herbs, spices and fruits within the blend you may be drawn to a particular ingredient.  Or have an aversion to the ingredients.  A strong desire or aversion often represents an imbalance

  • The chakra - as you have been doing some healing work and already know which chakra needs some assistance.

  • The information on the label.  Each label has information on what you experience when this chakra is balanced.  You may read this and know you need some assistance in these areas.




Here are some common questions asked by customers trying to choose a tisane. Their questions may also be something you are asking.


I like Green tea, do you have one?

Yes the SpiritualiTEA Heart Chakra Tea is a blend of Sencha Green tea along with Red Rose Petals and aromatised in Vanilla Pods.  Also the SpiritualiTEA New Moon tea is a Japanese Sencha Green Tea with Toasted Rice.  To ensure you enjoy the true flavours from Green Tea go to HEART CHAKRA TISANE BREWING TIPS.


I can’t have caffeine, which tisanes/teas in your range contains caffeine?

In the Chakra Range, the Heart Chakra contains caffeine as it is a Sencha Green tea.  In the Universal Range, the Angel Breakfast, New Moon, Yin / Yang Winter, Shadow Tea and Hermit Chai all contain caffeine as they have Black Tea.  For more information on caffeine in tea, go to TEA & CAFFEINE.


I don’t like liquorice (the Root chakra contains Liquorice root), will I taste it?

Taste is an extremely subjective topic.  I have seen numerous groups tasting my teas explaining a variety of flavours around the one tea.  The SpiritualiTEA Root Chakra blend contains 5 herbs and the amount of Liquorice Root is only 15grams within the total 100grams.  Also the taste of Licorice as a sweet lolly is a great deal stronger then that in the herbal form.


I have a sweet tooth, which tisane is the sweetest? 

The sweetest blends would be the Sacral and Solar Plexus Blends.  The longer you brew the SpiritualiTEA Sacral blend the more honey flavour is drawn out of the Honeybush.  For a sweeter taste, brew this tisane for 20 minutes.  The SpiritualiTEA Solar Plexus blend contains Banana bits and Vanilla Pods that expel more sweetness upon longer brewing.  Try blending this tea for 10-15 minutes for a sweeter tea. With all of the SpiritualiTEA herbal tisanes you can add a little bit of honey or even lemon to the blend.


What is the best tisane for pregnancy?

SpiritualiTEA tisanes all contain a blend of several herbs except for two blends; Sacral and Solar Plexus blends.  Generally herbs are avoided during pregnancy.  The SpiritualiTEA Sacral blend is a sweet blend of Honeybush which is caffeine and herbal free along with dried fruits of Mango and Orange. The SpiritualiTEA Solar Plexus blend is a blend of Rooibos with Vanilla Pods, Goji Berries and Banana which is also caffeine and herbal free. For more information on tea and pregnancy, click through to our page





Browse our range of Organic Herbal Tisanes and Teas, specifically formulated by Naturopath, Herbalist, and Tea Master Cheryl Brady,

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Browse our range of Herbal Tisanes and Teas, specifically formulated by Naturopath, Herbalist, and Tea Master Cheryl Brady, to help work with the Energy around you; the Moon, Angels, Seasons, Animals...

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