Caring for the plant in a natural way

will assist the plant to grow

with optimal nutrient levels

and hence when we consume this plant we too benefit.


SpiritualiTEA blends contain herbs, spices, tea and dried fruits that are all from certified organic farms, ensuring our blends give you the highest level of nutritional and energetic benefits.



Organic products have come a long way over the past 15 years.  Not only do we have a large variety of organic products and we are able to access them easily but the research into the health benefits continues to show such a higher nutritional value in the organic products compared to conventional products.


I was lucky enough to work for a nutritional company founded by a man in the 1930’s who believed in the benefits of organic farming and the company still practises these farming methods today.  He completed copious studies including the use of chromatography graphs to monitor the phytonutrients in the organic produce versus synthetically produced nutrients.


My explanation of the benefits of organically grown produce and their highly levels of phytonutrients was this.  When a plant is growing, like us it has a defence system within it that enables it to fight off bacteria, pests and the like whilst also assisting in defending it from its surroundings for example UV, rain.  It grows with the internal defence system caring for it.  When we treat that plant naturally using natures remedies for example using ladybirds to get rid of the aphids on plants, this plant continues to create more and more phytonutrtients. 

When we have the opportunity to consume this plant, we too receive these phytonutrients and the plant is of a high vibration energentically and nutritionally.  On the other side, when we spray chemicals onto the plant to ward off disease or help it to grow, the plants defence system begins to reduce the level of phytonutrients it is generating as the chemicals are doing the work.  Hence when we consume this plant it has less phytonutrients and contains chemicals.