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Allure - Crystal Water Bottle by Vitajuwel

Allure - Crystal Water Bottle by Vitajuwel

AU$180.60 Regular Price
AU$165.00Sale Price

Garnet – Clear Quartz


Are you looking for an exceptional present for your loved one, a wedding gift for very good friends or for a Valentine’s Day surprise?  Would you like to bring a little more fire in your everyday life? Blazing, scarlet red garnet is described as a symbol for sensuality and passion.  This powerful, energizing stone is perfect for lovers!  Open all of your senses to the vibration of that unique VitaJuwel gemstone blend with a glass of precious gem water.


Bottle is 500ml - Crystals are hand-picked ‘fair trade’ gemstones.

  • Information by Vitajuwel about the chosen Crystals

    Benefits of Garnet

    • Powerful energizing and regenerating stone
    • Inspires love and devotion
    • Balances sex drive and alleviates emotional disharmony
    • Opens up the heart and bestows self-confidence

    Benefits of Clear Quartz

    • Master healer
    • Aids concentration
    • Stimulates the immune system and brings the body into balance
    • Increases the effect of other crystals
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