Beauty - Crystal Water Bottle

Beauty - Crystal Water Bottle


Amethyst – Aventurine quartz – Rose quartz


Beauty emerges from within.  Of course, we grow older but we don’t have to look old. Fresh, smooth looking skin is a sign of youth and health. Plenty of sleep, a balanced diet and sufficient fresh water are essential to maintain our skin’s elasticity.  This blend is perfect for those who want their inner beauty to radiate out into the world.  Numerous spa owners use this blend as an essential part of their treatments. They know SPA stands for “Health through Water”.


Bottle is 500ml - Crystals are hand-picked ‘fair trade’ gemstones.

  • Information by Vitajuwel about the chosen Crystals

    Benefits of amethyst

    • Strong healing & cleansing powers
    • Enhances spiritual awareness
    • Facilitates the decision making process
    • Enhances memory and improves motivation
    • Boosts production of hormones
    • Strengthens the cleansing of the blood
    • Releases tension and alleviates migraines
    • Helps with meditation
    • Ensures soft facial skin

    Benefits of  aventurine quartz

    • Comforter and heart healer
    • General harmonizer giving a sense of calm, balance and enhances happiness
    • Stone of prosperity
    • Aids recovery, regeneration and healthy sleep
    • Preventative for arteriosclerosis and heart attack
    • Helps with nervousness, stress and pain

    Benefits of Rose Quartz

    • Rose Quartz is the symbol of love and beauty
    • Stone of unconditional love and infinite peace
    • Important for the heart and heart chakra
    • Brings deep inner healing and self love
    • Increases fertility
    • Reduces negative energy and replaces it with loving vibes
    • Strengthens relationships
    • Opens the mind to beautiful things
    • Keeps the skin youthful
    • Relieves headaches and migraines
    • Reduces anxiety and promotes restful sleep