Breville - the Smart Kettle Pure 1.7L

Breville - the Smart Kettle Pure 1.7L

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From Cheryl...I love being able to brew tea to the right temperature needed to bring out the delicious taste of black, green, oolong and herbal tea.  This kettle allows you to see the amount of water it is currently holding and I love the keep warm function for when I have boiled the water but I'm just not ready to make the cuppa yet.



From Breville...

The Breville BKE830 features six functions that'll help you create simple, yet delicious hot beverages. From Oolong and green tea to black tea and coffee, this smart Breville kettle makes it even easier to enjoy a relaxing cuppa.


Each function button displays the temperature at which the water boils. And thanks to the kettles 2400 watt element, the BKE830 can heat your water to the precise temperature chosen, ensuring the perfect cup every time.


The Breville BKE830 is a BPA Free product, and thanks to its glass construction, you can have clear visibility of the water level. The kettle is also fitted with a removable scale filter to help prevent scale particles from ending up in your drink.