CD - Guided Meditation - Peace and Harmony by Adam Barralett

CD - Guided Meditation - Peace and Harmony by Adam Barralett

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Crystals have been used around the world for thousands of years to attract love, promote luck, banish evil, ensure protection and restore health.  Now you can learn how to easily access the power of crystals too.  The Crystal Connections Meditation Range offers the ultimate way to connect with the crystals that have come into your life.  Allow yourself to be gently guided to feel, hear and connect with your crystal so you can begin to experience its true magic.


Allow these four individual guided meditations to guide you back to your natural state of balance and inner harmony.

Track 1: Contact the angels with ANGELITE – This crystal is connected to the Angelic Realms and aids connection with Guardian Angels, Archangels and other spiritual guides.

Track 2: Express yourself with AQUA AURA – A creation of alchemy fusing gold with clear quartz. It grants access to healing energies and enables you to express what is within you.

Track 3: Find peace with BLUE LACE AGATE – This gentle crystal brings peace, relaxation and tranquillity to even the most tense person or situation.

Track 4: Allow abundance with LARIMAR – Connected with the life-giving oceans. Be guided to let go and accept the flow of abundance into your life.