Chakra Perfume - Crown - By Lemon Canary

Chakra Perfume - Crown - By Lemon Canary

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These beautiful Chakra Organic Perfumes (10ml) are created by Lemon Canary in Queensland.


Divine. Enlightenment. Spiritual Connectedness.


A beautiful organic natural perfume oil inspired by the 7th colour of the rainbow… Violet. Symbolic of self realisation, divine energy and spiritual connectedness with the source of all.  It is an intentional perfume that is carefully blended with love and the finest organic ingredients.


Each perfume oil is presented in a sweet rollette for easy application. It will arrive in a beautiful calico bag and is perfect for gift giving or simply as a gift to yourself.

Lovingly handmade slowly in our studio with organic jojoba oil and 100% pure and organic essential oils…Cedarwood, Frankincense, Lavender, Myrrh, Lime and Orange.