Cobalto Calcite - Raw & Tumblestones

Cobalto Calcite - Raw & Tumblestones


Cobalto calcite carries high vibing energy to not only renewing your  life force but it also carries the vibrations of wealth and abundance, encouraging the ability to manifest wealth. 

No surprise as a pink crystal it assists the heart chakra and is a stone of love that opens the heart centre at the core of your consciousness. This stone is a conduit for allowing heaven and earth to meet at your center, allowing love into every part of your life.

A vibrant and joyful stone, cobalto calcite encourages positive thinking and a good mental outlook on all aspects of life. 


Calcites are great at facilitating the cleansing and clearing of unwanted and unbeneficial energies, emotions and thoughts. Depending on its colour, this affects the aspect of your life mainly impacted. As pink is related to love, pink Calcites heal pain associated with love and heartbreak. Mangano Calcite is ideal for aiding healing, forgiveness and repairing relationships. However its pink sister Cobaltocalcite goes one step further. Not only does it bring healing of the heart but it allows its guardian to delve deep into the incidents that brought about pain in the first place. It helps you see the lessons to be learnt, comprehend the role you played in the situation and regain responsibility for your life. Cobaltocalcite ensures whatever brought upon your suffering never happens again, not through good fortune or luck, but by empowering the individual to delve deep into their psyche and start applying their innate wisdom to manifest the destiny your soul desires.MORE INFO AT:

We have 1 piece of the large Raw and 3 smaller raw pieces along with several tumblestones.  If you have a preference for the raw pieces email cheryl at otherwise it will be chosen for you intuitively.


We love Adam Barralet's work and recommend his book Crystal Connections for more information on working with each crystal, cleansing, connecting and feeling the full benefits of these beauties.