Crystal Connections by Adam Barralet 2nd Edition

Crystal Connections by Adam Barralet 2nd Edition


My go to Crystal book, I adore this book. If you have been to our Tea Shop, The Tea Empress, you would see all of Adam's crystal explanations with the crystals taken from his previous annual diaries.  


I believe in incorporating crystals into our every day life.  They vibrate healing energy and working with them gives us the best chance to feel the benefits of their energy.  Knowing where to put crystals, or how to use them is a question I am asked very often at The Tea Empress.  Adam explains how to use your crystals in your everyday life.  From placing 9 pieces of Black Tourmaline around your front door to act like a magical doorway of cleansing feeling the stress of the day being absorbed as you walk through.  To working with Kunzite to prepare for your soul mates arrival.  He also covers all the crystals to use for balancing your chakras and dont skip the front section of cleansing and programming your crystals.


Working with this book will enable you to get the most from your beautiful crystals.





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