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Fitness - Crystal Water Bottle

Fitness - Crystal Water Bottle

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Red jasper – Magnesite – Clear quartz


Along with exercise and a balanced diet, nothing supports an active lifestyle better than enough fresh water.  Drinking water first thing in the morning is an easy way to speed up your metabolism.  Lots of people confuse thirst for hunger, so staying hydrated could help you avoid overeating.  Make a start, put on your running shoes and fill a bottle with “Fitness” gem water! Include this blend in your workout schedule and get ready for a surprise!


Bottle is 500ml - Crystals are hand-picked ‘fair trade’ gemstones.

  • Information by Vitajuwel about the chosen Crystals

    Benefits of Red Jasper

    • stone of endurance
    • strong connection to the earth and is very helpful for emotional equilibrium and spiritual grounding
    • gives a strong sense of stability
    • stimulates increased energy, strength and stamina

    Benefits of Magnesite

    • brings a deep peace to meditation and relaxation
    • detoxifies and neutralizes body odour
    • muscle relaxant
    • treats menstrual, stomach, intestinal and vascular cramps
    • treats bone and teeth disorders and prevents epilepsy
    • relieves headaches especially migraines

    Benefits of Clear Quartz

    • Master healer
    • Aids concentration
    • Stimulates the immune system and brings the body into balance
    • Increases the effect of other crystals
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