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Rose Quartz Tumblestones - Medium

Rose Quartz Tumblestones - Medium


Rose Quartz is known as the crystal of love.  It enables you to see where love already exists in your life, opening your heart with gratitude and ensuring love continues to flow into your life.


Rose Quartz teaches you the art of giving.  When you give love, it will come back to you.  As what you put out, you receive.  Rose Quartz understands the true essence of unconditional love, leading to more fulfilling relationships with family and friends.  It works to soften a hardened heart and works to balance your heart chakra ensuring the balance of giving and receiving love.


I will intuitively choose a piece for you.


We love Adam Barralet's work and recommend his book Crystal Connections for more information on working with each crystal, cleansing, connecting and feeling the full benefits of these beauties.

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