Smudge Stick - Large - 4 Herb Options Available


Magic Aura Smudge Sticks are hand made using a blend of local and imported ingredients.  Smudge sticks are used universally to cleanse and purify your home, workplace, crystals and your aura.

There are many ways to smudge your space.  Here is our Naturopath / Alchemist, Cheryls method.

* Close all windows and doors.

* Gather your spiritual tools - abalone shell with sand, smudge stick, feather, candle

* I light a candle to light the smudge stick.  These smudge sticks are handmade and are quite compact compared to many others hence I find using a candle rather than a match stick to light easier.  Light the smudge stick.

* Once lit it will start to smoke.

* Starting at the front door I invite my Angels and Guides to assist me in the process of clearing, cleansing and raising the vibration within my home.

* Walking into each room, using the feather to move the smoke into the corners of the room and spending extra time, and smoke, at highly used areas such as the kitchen, over the beds, dining room table, couch etc.

* Keep the smudge stick over the abalone shell to catch any falling ash.

* After cleansing each room, dont forget the garage, put out your smudge stick in the sand.

* About an hour after I have completed the cleanse I open all the windows and doors to allow the air to flow and unwanted energy to leave the space.







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