Student Essentials Pack

Student Essentials Pack

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Our Study pack, has all the essentials for your desk designed to enhance your studying experience.  Sip on some stress reducing, brain tea whilst balancing your chakras and drawing in some much needed study energy.


Included in the pack:

* Butterfly tea - a unique tea that is blue and when lemon is added turns purple.  Besides from the awe (great for mindfulness) and transformation benefits of this flower, it is also filled with antioxidants which we are all exposed to plus its main health benefits relate to stress.  As an adaptagen herb it helps the body respond to stress and anxiety.  It is also beneficial for brain health, improving memory.  It ticks all the boxes for a tea needed when studying.  

* Third Eye Room and Body Spray by Lemon Canary - our third eye can become foggy and lead to headaches or indecision when unbalanced.  Our to do list along with weighing up choices leads to third eye overload.  A great way to bring clarity to your work space when studying, spray yourself and the room.  Made in Queensland with organic ingredients and crystals.

* Bodum Tea for One - a great way to take your tea to your desk with this Bodum tea for one set.  You can use the lid of the strainer as a base when the tea is done.

* Chakra Coasters - handmade in Melbourne.  Intuitively choose a coaster when having your cup of tea at your desk.  This will be the chakra that requires some assistance.  Colour therapy along with the vibration of the coaster assist to bring balance to your chakra.

* Fluorite - tumblestone and raw piece - keep these pieces together when studying and then when you go to class/exam/presentation etc pop the tumblestone in your pocket to assist with memory recall and clarity.  Cheryl will intuitively choose the 2 pieces of Fluorite for you.


Pack is valued at $100.50, special price of $85


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