The Book of Tea: Growing it, making it, drinking it, the history, recipes & more

The Book of Tea: Growing it, making it, drinking it, the history, recipes & more


From the founders of Teapigs, this is a book about tea like no other. Packed full of infographics and illustrations, as well as recipes, this complete compendium is a celebration of tea-drinking around the world: from drinking masala chai in tea shacks in India or from a samovar in Russia, to the dramatic pouring of Moroccan mint tea and the brewing of a salty butter tea in Tibet.

From plant to pot, learn everything there is to know about tea; how it's enjoyed around the world and the origins of different teas, where they come from and how they are processed. Take a visual journey, with the tea leaf, and see what happens during the processing business as well as learning about the different types of tea and what each needs to bring out its very best in terms of taste.

Find the answers to all those important tea-related questions such as should you slurp or sip your tea? Is a cup or a bowl best for drinking tea? To dunk or not to dunk - that is the question? And how can tea influence your mood? Finally, work your way through the 30 or so delicious recipes that offer inspiration for using tea in cooking or partnering recipes with the best teas; from tea-infused beef on a green papaya salad to Earl Grey shortbread heart biscuits. Put the kettle on, make yourself a brew, and curl up with this informative and beautiful guide to all things tea.




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