Work From Home Essentials

Work From Home Essentials

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Working from Home is the new norm in our world right now, so lets make your desk space a productive area.  Our WFH pack, has all the essentials for your desk designed to enhance your work experience.  Sip on some motivating tea whilst balancing your chakras and drawing in some high vibing energy from crystals.


Included in the pack:

* Chariot tea - the tea of motivation.  Filled with Ginger and Lemongrass, not only a great way to start your day, wake up the body after breaking the fast but also a great motivating and uplifting blend.

* Bodum Tea for One - a great way to take your tea to your desk with this Bodum tea for one set.  You can use the lid of the strainer as a base when the tea is done.

* Chakra Coasters - handmade in Melbourne.  Intuitively choose a coaster when having your cup of tea at your desk.  This will be the chakra that requires some assistance.  Colour therapy along with the vibration of the coaster assist to bring balance to your chakra.

* Crystals - Selenite, Hematite, Sodalite, Citrine and Lepidolite. Cheryl will intuitively choose the crystals for you.

Selenite - a cleansing crystal, a great one at your desk to keep your mind clear.  It is also a crystal that brings white light, a powerful energy boost.

Hematite - working on your Root Chakra to keep you balanced.  During our current climate where all that this chakra governs; where you live, work, connection with people is being challenged, this is a great crystal to have beside you in this new world set up.

Sodalite - connecting with both the Throat and Third Eye chakra areas of communication and clarity, an obvious addition to your desk space as you work on the computer, communicating, and well who doesn't need a boost of clarity.

Lepidolite - the crystal for stress and major changes.  It is also a wonderful addition around devices as it reduces the negative impacts of EMF.

Citrine - the crystal of abundance, prosperity and joy, beneficial everywhere.


Pack is valued at $95, special price of $80


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