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Ancestor Tea brings together Black Teas from around the world.  A vibrant, strong, full bodied breakfast tea blend.  Delicious as brewed or with sugar/honey for extra sweetness and milk for a traditional breakfast tea. 

Connecting with your Ancestors offers the opportunity for healing, insight and guidance that can assist you on your path, in this lifetime.

Bringing nature's treasures to your teacup, we infuse each tea with healing energy and intent, to give you a vibrant, energy filled cup of tea.




35 cups


Working with the Ancestor Tea

  • Like sitting down to share a cup of tea with a loved one, let this tea take you back to share the wisdom of your Ancestors.  

  • Open communication channels with a departed loved on using methods such as writing letters, dream journaling, crystal healing and visualisation.  The label for this tea has further information on using these methods to enhance your experience as you sip on your tea.


A blend of the best Black Teas from the leading tea producing countries around the world;  Sri Lanka, Australia, China, Kenya, Rwanda and India.  


This blend is filled with the intent to assist you in connecting with your Ancestors.


LEAF PER CUP:  1 teaspoon

TIME:  2-3 mins

WATER:  Boiling

A vibrant, strong, full bodied breakfast style blend.  Add sugar, honey, milk as desired.


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