The Chariot Tea is a delicious blend of the traditional duo of Ginger and Lemongrass.  Ginger is a herb used to move things around in the body, great for cold hands and feet as it moves the blood to the extremities.  Lemongrass wakes up the digestive enzymes, the perfect herb to start the day off before you break the fast with breakfast.  Hence these two herbs make a great kick start to the day for your physical body and set the momentum for the day.

Bringing nature's treasures to your teacup, we infuse each tea with healing energy and intent, to give you a vibrant, energy filled cup of tea.

PLEASE NOTE; This tea is currently available in it's 'naked tin' form, that is no label on the actual tin.  As pictured.




25 cups



Working with the Chariot  

  • The Chariot Card in the Tarot encourages you to get into your chariot and steer your life where you want it to go.    

  • The black and white horse in the Chariot card also signify balance.  The need to find balance in all areas of your life. 

  • The Chariot Card tells us that through the challenges and difficulties we encounter in our life, we acquire wisdom and achieve our goals.  


Certified Organic Lemongrass and Ginger.


This blend is filled with the intent to assist you in  steering  your life where you wish to go.


LEAF PER CUP:  1 heaped teaspoon / 2.5g

TIME:  5 mins

WATER:  Boiling

Add some lemon to bring out the lemongrass or add some honey to bring out the ginger.