When deciding on the best packaging for our teas we carefully examined all options.  We based our decision on what was best for the environment and the tea.  




We decided to package our teas in tins for the following reasons:

  • the actual tin can be refilled with more tea or you can find a use in the home to use the tea

  • the tin allows a 4 sided label with the ability to put lots of information on the chakras, brewing tea and the SpiritualiTEA philosophy

  • the tea itself is held in a food grade tin offering less light exposure and an airtight lid keeping the tea fresher for long

  • lighter than a glass jar and less likely to break making it the better option for postage

  • the tins can stack on top of each other and the square option allows for easier storage on the kitchen bench or in the pantry 


We now have refill bags available to refill your tea and you save $3 on the price of the tin.


When choosing an option for our refill bags we wanted plain and simple as the aim is to just pour the ingredients into the tin from the bag.  We have a small label on the bag and it is a fold down seal, so you can also reuse this bag within your home.