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When deciding on the best packaging for our teas we carefully examined all options. 

We based our decision on what was best for not only the tea but also caring for our planet

and doing our bit to reduce waste.  We also carefully considered the option of all Organic ingredients



We decided to package our teas in Tins for the following reasons:

  • Refill the tin with more tea.  Alternatively you can find a way to reuse the tin in the home.  

  • Lots of information on our 4 sided label.  Our labels not only look amazing but are filled with useful information on the Chakras, brewing, rituals and the SpiritualiTEA philosophy

  • Keeps the tea fresher.  The dark tins allow for less light exposure and are airtight.

  • Lighter and less likely to break whilst in transit to you.

  • Easier storage in the kitchen or pantry as they can stack on top of each other.

  • Less waste all round as the tins eliminate the need for a bag in a box and loose leaf tea decreases the use of teabags.  


We now have refill bags available to simply refill your tin.  Of course you are always welcome to purchase extra tins but if you simply want to refill your tin with fresh tea, now you can.  Plus you save $3 on the price of the tin. 


When choosing an option for our refill bags we wanted plain and simple, as the aim is to just pour the ingredients into the tin from the bag.  We would love you to reuse the bag within your home. 


As a Naturopath I fully understand the benefit of Organic ingredients.  The closer to how nature intended is part of my personal philosophy.  When it comes to herbs and spices, we are inundated with options in Australia hence all of these ingredients in our blends are organic. 


With regards to tea, that is Green and Black tea, the reason many of our SpiritualiTEA tea blends are not organic is a deliberate choice to support smaller tea farms.  Many of which adhere to natural farming processes, cannot afford the cost of the organic stamp and give back to their own community.  We work closely with our importers to ensure our teas are the highest quality.  

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