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A Healing in a Teacup.

Our Teas are filled with Intent &

White Light Energy.




Our Teas are High Vibing.

They are filled with powerful Healing Energy & Intention to give you a Healing in a Teacup.

A powerful lesson on Energy

I learnt about the impact energy has on our lives in a very physical way 17 years ago.  I was pregnant with my second child and I could not eat any food unless it was made by a friend or family member.  Every restaurant meal, didn't stay down.  Unfortunately I had a lot of weddings on at the time and I could not eat at them.  A sandwich wasn't even tolerable.  A few years later I was chatting to my Qi Gong instructor and I told him the story.  He said I was responding to the energy of the chefs.  They weren't pouring their love into the food and my body was responding to this energy in quite a dramatic way.  I delved into the world of energy at that time and have worked with it ever since.  I ensure my kitchen is filled with Rose Quartz and cook with love.

Our Teas are filled with LOVE and INTENT


The other super powerful ingredient in our teas is, Intent.  Every one of our teas has an Intention.  It is an essential first step in many healing modalities.  We use it when we make our New Moon wishes.  We follow it up with our imagination and hence we are working with the Law of Attraction. 

Our Chakra Teas are filled with the Intention to assist you to clear, cleanse and balance the specific Chakra.  Whilst our Universal Energy Tea is filled with the Intention to assist you to connect with that specific energy.

A Tea Blending Room with a difference

To ensure our teas are filled with high vibrating energy, the blending room is filled with crystals, candles, flowers and source energy, white light.  Obviously it is also essential that the Tea Blenders energy is high vibing too, hence a mediation and intention setting ritual is also part of the process.

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