The Butterfly Tea contains one ingredient, a flower called Butterfly Pea.  This vibrant Blue Tea, like the butterfly transforms from the cocoon, this tea transforms into a Purple Tea when you add a new pH such as Lemon.  Delicious hot and cold with lemon and honey.  

Bringing nature's treasures to your teacup, we infuse each tea with healing energy and intent, to give you a vibrant, energy filled cup of tea.


PLEASE NOTE; This tea is currently available in it's 'naked tin' form, that is no label on the actual tin.  As pictured.




25 cups



Working with the Butterfly  

  • The Butterfly is a symbol of transformation.

  • Once a Caterpillar then in a Cocoon, the Butterfly has gone through quite a transformation.  I am sure at they time the butterfly is not sure why, what, how and when it was all going to happen but once she is flying high, I bet she is grateful for the process. 

  • Wherever you are in the transformation process, enjoy the journey.  There will be stages that are uncomfortable and confronting, but it is often part of the process to reach the goal. 


Butterfly Pea Flower.


This blend is filled with the intent to assist you through the stages of your transformation.


LEAF PER CUP:  1 heaped teaspoon / 2.5g

TIME:  3-4 mins       WATER:  Boiling

HOT:  After brewing, add a squeeze of lemon and watch the tea turn purple.

COLD:  Brew with a teaspoon of honey.  Allow to cool in the fridge, when serving add a squeeze of lemon.