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Hiya, Cheryl here, Founder of SpiritualiTEA,

If you are new here, welcome and if you are returning, welcome back.  I wanted to introduce myself and tell you the story of SpiritualiTEA.

21 Years ago now I became a Naturopath

I was finally following my love of natural medicine.  Initially I went into private practice, embracing the wonders of herbs in the liquid form, not the yummiest way to experience herbs.  I then travelled around Australia as a Nutrition Trainer working for an organic supplement brand.  I find myself continually referring to the Naturopathic principles of going back to basics, as nature intended.


SpiritualiTEA was a gift

I was searching for my next challenge.  I wanted people to love their experience with herbs.  I started a meditation course and it sounds cliche, but the idea of Chakra Teas and the name SpiritualiTEA just came to me.  From that moment, it was a speedy process.  Within 4 months I had created my 7 tea babies and was at my first expo.  Everything had flowed from that meditation session.  The name, the blends, the logo, the labels and all the time the right people came into my world to assist the process.  


Some ingredients came from Tea Leaf Reading

The ingredients for each blend came together using my Naturopathic experience, intuition, research and...a tea leaf reading session with friends.  I was searching for the final ingredients to add to the Solar Plexus blend of Rooibos and Vanilla.  The original blend was too herby.  Whilst sipping a cup filled with Rooibos, a picture of what looked like a Banana and a Goji berry appeared and made their way into the blend.


The Original Chakra Teas

My first tea range was the unique 7 Chakra teas created in 2014.  At that time Chakras hadn't received the coverage they do today.  I love that we are embracing the wisdom and healing of energy.  My original unique technique of hand blending the teas using universal white light, filling each tea with intent to clear, cleanse and balance the chakra is a ritual I still complete today.

Award Winning Tea

Our stunning Heart Chakra Tea has won GOLD multiple times in the Natural Green Tea Blend category, most recently at the 2023 Golden Leaf Awards.  This was the first tea I created and I knew the ingredients immediately.  From my Naturopathic experience I was aware of the benefits of Green Tea for your heart.  Adding the delicate sweetness of finely cut Vanilla pods, which are grown in Australia, along with high vibing rose petals is a delicious elixir for your Heart Chakra.

This Organic blend is a favourite for many Green Tea lovers.


Becoming a Tea Master

Our Chakra Tea range has six Herbal Teas and one Green Tea.  It was time to extend the range into Black Teas but my expertise was with herbs.  I connected with an amazing Tea Mentor who taught me all things tea, gave me the opportunity to hand pan Green tea in China and continues to inspire me.  I am a Virgo, so I wanted to absorb myself in tea knowledge before I created blends around Camellia sinensis.


More Tea babies

The Universal Energy range of teas are based on the concept of working with the energy around us.  When we work with the cycles of the Moons, embrace the seasons, find insight from Spiritual Tools we can work with the flow of life.  These teas share that knowledge and enhance the experience with each sip.


Along came The Tea Empress

In 2018, SpiritualiTEA branched out to open our first Tea Shop in North Fitzroy, Melbourne.  A Tea Shop with a dash of SpiritualiTEA, where you could find all you need for a mindful cup of tea experience.  We also offered a range of Spiritual products, healing sessions and workshops.  Due to COVID and an issue with the building, we closed the store in 2020 and moved all the spiritual and tea treasures online.  It wasn't part of the original plan to close after 2 years but it gave this Tea Empress and SpiritualiTEA the chance to grow and learn whilst meeting some true gems along the way.  

A Healing in a Teacup

That is how I like to describe SpiritualiTEA.  Not your average cup of tea.  Filled with premium ingredients, lovingly created by a Naturopath, filled with high vibing energy and intent to give you a healing in a teacup.  This is our story to date, now it is time to share SpiritualiTEA online and via the many like minded businesses that share SpiritualiTEA with their customers.  I am sure more teas and opportunities are brewing, thank you for connecting.



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