SpiritualiTEA has been created and developed by Naturopath, Herbalist and Tea Master, Cheryl Brady.


As a Naturopath working in private practice, Cheryl had the opportunity to see the healing benefits of herbs through the varied health complaints that came into the clinic.  As a Nutrition Trainer travelling around Australia, she saw the complexity created with finding the right foods and drinks to have in our diet. She continually referred to the Naturopathic principles of going back to basics, as nature intended.


While Cheryl was searching for another way to bring more energy into our health plan and having spoken so often of herbal teas, assisted by a meditation course, SpiritualiTEA came to life.


The SpiritualiTEA Chakra Range was developed to provide the healing benefits of herbs into our daily lives, whilst helping to also balance our chakras.  Each herb was carefully selected, taking into account the area of the body the herbs assists, the colour of the herbs and obviously the taste of the blend of herbs.

We now have the SpiritualiTEA Universal Energy range which has been developed to assist us to work with the energy around us.  That is The Moon, The Seasons, Animals etc.  This range is continually evolving and we are excited to bring you some different styles of tea in the future.

In 2018, SpiritualiTEA branched out to open our first Tea Shop in North Fitzroy, Melbourne.  A Tea Shop with a dash of SpiritualiTEA, where you could find all you need for a mindful cup of tea experience.  We also offered a range of Spiritual products, healing sessions and workshops.  Due to COVID and an issue with the building we closed the store in 2020 and moved all the spiritual and tea treasures online.

We hope that SpiritualiTEA assists you to find balance with the energy within you and the energy around you.