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How to find the Wise healers from The Tea Empress

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Our Tea Shop with a dash of SpiritualiTEA may be closed and obviously all the wonderful workshops and healing sessions that we offered are no longer available in store. But all the talented practitioners that hosted these events are still offering their wisdom via different means. So where are they now?

Vicki from Intuitive Heart Based Healing

Vicki offered Tarot Readings and healing sessions at the shop with many of her clients spreading the word and returning with family and friends to experience Vicki's wisdom. She now offers sessions online which are equally as powerful as in person. If you are searching for some insight, guidance or healing during the current home based times...

Adam Barralet

Adam conducted several of his crystal workshops at the shop and now offers them online. He also runs longer courses and regular podcasts on all things crystals, essential oils incorporating the moon and planetary movements. I have always connected with Adam's work, his crystal book sits on my desk always and I love listening to his crystal meditations. We have several of Adam's treasures for sale on our website, links below. To find out about Adam's upcoming events...

Lynne Rivero

Lynne offered her workshops "Live your life to Purpose" at the shop and they were sold out events. Lynne is now based in Queensland and offers 1:1 Tarot Readings / Clairvoyant Healing and Spiritual Mentoring. I have a monthly session with Lynne to keep on track, learning new spiritual practices and gain a new prospective and guidance. Truly invaluable. Lynne also posts Card of the Day on her socials, so you can find inspiration and insight into the energy of the day. To book a session with Lynne and see card of the day...


Helen offered 1:1 Medium sessions at the shop and is now offering them Online from the comfort of your own home. During my first session with Helen she connected with my grandfather, offering insights from my childhood which astounded me along with future insights. My second session a year later she connected with my guides providing guidance for the here and now.

Contact Helen via text on 0450 370 613.

Tina Curro

Tina ran her Yearly sessions at the shop, explaining what the forecast for the year was based on the animal we are celebrating. She also offers consultations for your home, helping you select the right house for you and where the furniture needs to be placed. Tina has done this on my last 2 homes and once you find the right house you find the internal placements all flow. Any troublesome areas, Tina has the cure, that is the remedy to put in the house to counteract that energy. The interest in Feng Shui is growing and Tina now offers several courses in Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology. To find out more...

Lyndall McQuinn

Lyndall ran her Astrology and Tarot workshops at The Tea Empress and now offers them online. Several of her workshops are also recorded for purchase now. Lyndall is based in Daylesford, VIC and offers in person Astrology and Tarot Readings along with online. To book a session with Lyndall or learn more about her courses...

Sharon McLeod

Sharon came down from Queensland to conduct her Tea Leaf Reading workshops, that also included a Palm reading session. They were such insightful, fun workshops that included her gorgeous tea leaf reading cups featuring her own designs. Sharon has just opened a store in Queensland called House of Fortuna, check it out when you...


Shelley offered powerful Reiki and Ka Huna healings at the shop. She also provided many of the beautiful artwork in the shop. She is based in Melbourne and offers 1:1 healing sessions and is continuing her soulful artwork. Shelley has also started offering meditation groups and goddess healing sessions. Once we are out of lockdown...

Wendy Bache Art

If you visited The Tea Empress you would remember all the stunning artwork on the walls. All these works of art were also filled with healing energy. Each had a message and no doubt you received some healing when you were at the shop from all the wonders along with these works of art. Wendy is a healer and artist, based in Queensland. Wendy often runs group sessions and 1:1 Journeys with Wendy sessions which incorporate muscle testing, learn more when you...

Rose is the Dream expert who ran workshops at the shop on all things Dreams. We were also able to host an event to launch her magical Oracle cards, Mists of Avalon. Rose has been busy in lockdown writing a new book titled Inside Your Dreams, due out very soon. Find Rose's treasures for sale on our website including our new Sweet Dreams pack with all you need to have a restful, rejuvenating, dream filled sleep. For the more information on the release of Rose's new book...

BTW these are not paid promotions, I have personally worked with all of these magnificent healers and happily pass on their offerings for you to connect with.

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