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A Mother's Journey by Kerry Alderuccio

A Mother's Journey by Kerry Alderuccio

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Kerry Alderuccio's introduction to all things of a psychic nature came to her relatively late in life.


It was after the tragic loss of her adored nineteen-year-old son Sam in a car accident that she realised an instinct she'd always had might be something more profound.

Throughout her life, Kerry had always been aware of changes in the energy around her: as her loved ones gradually passed away, she always remained aware of their presence. She had naively assumed that everyone felt such things.


It was after Sam's untimely passing that Kerry decided to act on this instinct and look for answers as to where Sam was and how contact could be made. She began her mediumship studies at Arthur Findlay College in the United Kingdom, and her career in mediumship progressed quickly from there.


This is Kerry's first book and is the result of her desire to share her amazing story, her moment of truth and her hope that others may find answers and peace in her words.

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