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Animal Dreaming Oracle Cards

Animal Dreaming Oracle Cards


In times past, it was not uncommon for a seeker of knowledge to request the adviceof an Elder; someone skilled in the ability to commune with the energies of nature.Elders were seen as direct links between the people and Spirit, with their words held inhigh esteem. When questions were raised, the Elder would take up a small pouch, perhapscontaining claws, teeth, whiskers and bones of sacred animals which, after a quick shake,would be upended, the contents permitted to spill haphazardly onto the ground.Depending on where and how they fell, and the patterns they formed, the Elder wouldglean information relevant to the seeker by interpreting the messages offered by the animalsrepresented by the claws and teeth.

Developed with the corresponding energies of the four directions in mind, the uniquely Australian 'Animal Dreaming Oracle' embraces this ancient concept in a manner more befittingour times. Instead of the traditional claws and bones, it presents the animal energies to thepeople as beautifully illustrated portraits, with each animal’s Dreaming clearly interpreted inthe accompanying guidebook, allowing you to give and receive accurate and inspirationalreadings for yourself and others.

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