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Chakra Coasters

Chakra Coasters


Lovingly hand made and created by Brianna O'Neill, these chakra coasters add healing energy to your cup of tea, whilst protecting your surface from the heat.  Crocheted with 100% Australian Wool and Felt, this set of 7 represents the 7 major Chakras.  

Root Chakra - Red

Sacral Chakra - Orange

Solar Plexus Chakra - Yellow

Heart Chakra - Green

Throat Chakra - Blue

Third Eye Chakra - Normally this colour is Indigo, the darker purple is used for Third Eye.

Crown Chakra - Normally this colour is Purple, the Burgundy colour is used here.  

You could interchange the Third Eye and Crown Chakra colours if you prefer to use the darker purple for Crown rather than Third Eye and the Burgundy pink for Third Eye.

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