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Love Your Chakras Pack

Love Your Chakras Pack

AU$213.50 Regular Price
AU$160.13Sale Price

Love Your Chakras pack blends our Chakra Tea collection with crystals and coasters.  Spread some Chakra magic around you to ensure your Chakras stay balanced.


*  Our Organic Chakra Tea range includes the 7 Teas in the set.  A mixture of herbal teas and one green tea for the Heart Chakra.  Each tea is infused with healing white light energy and intent to clear, cleanse and balance your chakras.  Created and hand blended by our Naturopath and Tea Master in small batches in Melbourne, Australia.  RRP $163.50


*  Chakra Coasters lovingly designed and handmade by student Brianna Brady.  Sit your water, tea or coffee on these coasters for chakra balancing energy. RRP $22


*  Chakra Crystal Collection.  A crystal for every chakra.  RRP $28

Red Jasper / Carnelian / Citrine / Rose Quartz / Blue Lace Agate / Sodalite / Amethyst

If the above crystals aren't available an alternative crystal will be chosen.


Pack is valued at $213.50, special price of $190


More information on each item in the pack - head to the shop section and you will find each product listed with more information.

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