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Malachite Tumblestones

Malachite Tumblestones


Green crystals work on the heart and all aspects of love.  Malachite is the crystal you select when you are ready to work with issues of the heart. It is not for the faint hearted.  It reaches into the depths of your heart and brings any issues to the surface.  It allows you to dig deeps and face fears and secrets.


Copper is the element of movement and as Malachite contains copper, it is the crystal of change.  You let go of the old and allow the new to come in.  Remembering that the upheaval created by change will pass.  


A great crystal to have in a healing as it assists in the movement of blockages both physically and energetically during massage and bodywork.


This crystal is not to be placed in water because of its high copper content.  It is a strong heart crystal so if you experience heart palpitations with Malachite move to Rose Quartz.


We also have Malachite hearts available online.

Cleanse on the Earth.

I will intuitively choose a piece for you.


We love Adam Barralet's work and recommend his book Crystal Connections for more information on working with each crystal, cleansing, connecting and feeling the full benefits of these beauties.

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