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Selenite & Peach Selenite Tumblestones

Selenite & Peach Selenite Tumblestones


These stunning large tumblestones are powerful cleansers.  It remain pure and unaffected by other energies hence it doesn't need cleansing itself.  A great addition to the entrance to your home, a high traffic part of the house, your car, placed with your Tarot & Oracle cards and anywhere you feel needs a cleansing.  Wonderful for a holiday house with a variety of people and energies.  Great to place around a new home to cleanse the space.


Selenite connects to the moon as it gains its name from the moon Goddess Selene.  It is like a beam of white light, spreading light over people and situations.


A fantastic crystal to take with you in high density areas such as shopping centres, hospitals, large crowds.


Peach selenite carries all of these healing benefits along with an association with the Sacral chakra.  A beautiful healing crystal during your menstrual cycle and when working on creative projects it will assist to balance your sacral Chakra.  If the joy in life and the simple pleasures are lost on you, work with this crystal to realign the Sacral Chakra.


Selenite can be damaged by water so keep it away from water and don't cleanse it.

The peach selenite pieces are slightly smaller than the selenite.


I will intuitively choose a piece for you.

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