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Shungite Pendant - Oval - Yin/Yang

Shungite Pendant - Oval - Yin/Yang


This Shungite pendant comes directly from the Republic of Karelia in Russia.

Shungite is an ancient crystal, believed to be 2 billion years old.  Shungite extracted in the Republic of Karelia near a small settlement called Shunga, contains up to 98% carbon whereas others are as low as 5% carbon content.  Hence there are many less effective Shungites on the market to be cautious of.  


For hundreds of years, Shunga locals have celebrated the many healing properties of Shungite and its role in purifying water in the area.  Shungite contains fullerenes which in the body are believed to act like a powerful antioxidant.


One of the main health benefit associated with Shungite is with regards to reducing the effects of Electromagnetic radiation.  As we know EMF's are all around us, they come from househould appliances, mobile communications, electronic devices etc.  We are exposed to them constantly, via our mobile phones we have with us, our homes that have WiFi, computers, TV's, electronics in the kitchen and the list goes on.  In our workplaces we have computers, phones, modems, WiFi etc.


In this day and age we need to increase the antioxidants we put into our body via food and vitamins and Shungite gives us the opportunity to also wear an antioxidant to assist with EMF reduction.




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