Smokey Quartz Point

Smokey Quartz Point


Smokey Quartz is one of the most settling and nurturing crystals. It connects you with a sense of homeliness, both within our own space and out in nature. It allows us to pause, relax, reflect and feel good about yourself and your future. Smokey Quartz shifts your attention to the here and now, allowing us focus on our goals. It helps you forge a stronger connection with the Earth and see the sacred not only in nature, but in all life.


A tree can only grow as high as its roots go deep and thus, for you to stretch yourself and grow, it is vital to have a stable base. Smokey Quartz enables you to do this, keeping you grounded in the everyday necessities. Smokey Quartz helps settle you when you are feeling stressed or anxious, scattered after a meditation or healing or after a major life transition. Smokey Quartz also reminds you of the great wisdom that can be gained by slowing down at this time of the year and observing the whispers of Mother Nature. This is a crystal devoted to ensuring you gain as much as possible from this physical existence.


Here are some ways to work with Smokey Quartz:

-Smokey Quartz is great for “space cadets”, bringing them back to the here and now. It combats flightiness, confusion and manic obsession by reactivating our primal self as the key controller of your actions, shifting your attention to the here and now. Carry it in your pocket when needing this grounding.

-Also Hold Smokey Quartz in each hand to ground yourself after powerful spiritual work such as healing or astral travel.

-If you struggle to meditate, hold a Smokey Quartz point as you recite a prayer of mantra. You’ll find it easier to clear the mind of extraneous clutter.

-Find a place in nature and sit down with your Smokey Quartz resting at your feet. Place your hands on the earth and clear your mind. Breathe in the essence of the land and exhale your energy back towards it, forging a bond and connection. Observe how it makes you feel. If there is anything you wish to release, ask Mother Earth to absorb it for you. Plant some flowers at this place afterwards as a sign of gratitude and watch as the energy is transformed into something beautiful in the coming weeks.

-Smokey Quartz works to stimulate your Earth star chakra, allowing you to connect to all the planet Earth and the knowledge it holds. When this chakra is functioning at its optimum you will be able to learn from the collective consciousness of every animal, plant and mineral. Prepare yourself to stimulate your Earth star chakra by smudging yourself and your space. Then lie down, positioning your Smokey Quartz about 30cm below your feet. Visualise a red-brown ball of energy pulsing where the crystal rests. Continue to keep Smokey Quartz with you throughout your day until you feel this chakra is balanced. These practices can also work as a powerful healing technique for any foot ailment that has manifested from feelings of purposelessness or insignificance.

-Smokey Quartz supports healing the liver when ailments have developed as a physical manifestation of holding anger. Tape a small piece of Smokey Quartz onto the skin near the liver as you recite the affirmation, “all is well”. Repeat the affirmation each night as you remove the crystal.

-Smokey Quartz awakens your primal self, the part of you that is connected to the basics and necessities of living. The primal self has no wants except to ensure the primary needs of survival such as food, water and shelter are met. Keep a raw, untreated piece of Smokey Quartz with you to connect with your primal self to help you distinguish wants versus needs and prevent over-spending or over-consumption.


We love Adam Barralet's work and recommend his book Crystal Connections for more information on working with each crystal, cleansing, connecting and feeling the full benefits of these beauties.