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Spirit Animal Chai

Spirit Animal Chai


The Spirit Animal Chai is a caffeine free version of our Hermit Chai Tea.  The same delicious blend of Spices; Cinnamon, All Spice, Star Anise and Nutmeg are combined with Rooibos (Hermit Chai contains black tea).  This tea can be consumed with or without milk and sugar/honey.  In Australia we traditionally have Rooibos without milk but many South Africans I have met consume their Rooibos with milk. 

Animals, including Pets, along with Spirit Animals and Animal Guides come into our lives or cross our paths for a brief time and they have messages for us.  What are they trying to tell you?  As you explore your Spirit Animal's unique characteristics, behaviour, appearance and survival habits, you will find clarity in their message.

This tea is filled with the intent to assist you to connect with Animals and tap into their inherent wisdom.

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    70g | 25 Cups | Loose Leaf

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