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Storm in a Teacup

Storm in a Teacup

AU$215.00 Regular Price
AU$129.00Sale Price

Hold your own Mad Hatter’s Tea Party or delight a friend who collects tea pots with this creation that’s so silly it can’t help but make everyone smile. Storm In a Teacup has actually been designed as a cup and a saucer with a boat being frantically tossed around in the waves on the lid and a jaunty lighthouse that also serves as the handle.

Of course, it could have only originated in one place, Yorkshire – the one English county famous for its collective sense of humour. This is where the Teapottery company is situated and where each teapot is hand crafted by a team of artisans.

The Teapottery collections are so adorable, they make every cup of tea an occasion.

Storm In A Teacup Teapot features:

  • Handmade in England.
  • Crafted from ceramic.
  • Decorated by hand.
  • Styled as a storm in a tea cup but with delicate shells on the base and the saucer.
  • Gold accents throughout the design.
  • The words `Storm In A Teacup’ are spelt out around the saucer and the teapot.
  • Hand wash recommended.
  • Please Note: Because of the handmade nature of this teapot, yours may differ slightly from the images above.


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