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Sweet Dreams Pack

Sweet Dreams Pack

AU$79.50 Regular Price
AU$59.63Sale Price

Our Sweet Dreams pack have been created using our Tea and Spiritual Treasures to ensure you have a restful night sleep.


Included in the pack:

* Third Eye tea - to assist you to clear the fog in your third eye.  Stop the chatter, to do list, confusion and bring you back to your intuition.  No caffeine in this blend so great just before bed.

* 5 small Amethyst pieces - to grid your bed creating a pyramid of sleep.  Instructions on how to do this are included.

* Dream book and Journal by Rose Inserra - Australian Author and Dreams expert explains all things dreams in her book.  A great resource on dreams that will teach you about the subconscious messages you are receiving in your dreams.  The journal is beauifully laid out and the perfect way to monitor the messages from your dreams.


Pack is valued at $79.5, special price of $65

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