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Ritual Tea Collection

Ritual Tea Collection

AU$226.00 Regular Price
AU$202.50Sale Price

Enjoy each tea in our Energetic Ritual Tea Collection at the special price of $202.50, giving you all 9 teas for the price of 8.


As a gift to yourself, you can display the collection and see what tea you are drawn to each time you pop the kettle on.   This collection includes herbal, green and black teas.  Each tea label contains information on intention and rituals for that tea.


You may want to purchase this collection as a gift for several friends and yourself, let us know if you need more than one copy of our tea menu.  We are also happy to look into postage costs to post individual teas to your loved one.


If you are unsure which tea is right for you, please do not hesitate in contacting Cheryl directly, 0400 114 300, as she blends every tea and is more than happy to assist.


The Ritual Tea Collection is Valued at $249 and contains all 9 Energetic Ritual Teas in the Tin, therefore you are receiving one tea valued at $23.50 for Free.

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