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Tiger's Eye Tumblestones - Golden and Red

Tiger's Eye Tumblestones - Golden and Red


Tiger's Eye has a sheen and is a protective crystal that wards off danger.  Whilst black protective crystals absorb and remove negativity, Tiger's Eye will send unhelpful energies back to their source or sender.  Like a protective and reflective shield.  Roman Soldiers wore Tiger's Eye engraved with protective symbols and during the Middle ages it was used as a protective amulet against spells and the evil eye.  It surrounds you with a golden light that creates a bubble of protection.


Red Tiger's Eye is also referred to as Ox's Eye.


Golden Tiger's Eye works with the Solar Plexus Chakra.


I will intuitively choose a piece for you.


We love Adam Barralet's work and recommend his book Crystal Connections for more information on working with each crystal, cleansing, connecting and feeling the full benefits of these beauties.

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