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Lovingly created in 2014 by Naturopath and Tea Master, Cheryl Brady, SpiritualiTEA offers you a healing in a teacup.  Drawing on the wisdom of nature's healing plants, SpiritualiTEA now has 2 Tea Collections.  Our Chakra range assists you to work with the energy within you, your 7 major chakras.  Whilst our Universal Energy range, assists you to work with the Universal energy around you including the cycles of the Moon, the Seasons and Spiritual Tools.

The herbs, spices, fruits and tea within each blend have been researched and chosen for the unique qualities they offer to the specific chakra or energy element.  The healing properties, the story or history of each ingredient, and of course the taste, have all been considered.  Our teas and tisanes alone are bursting with flavour, and we do not add any preservatives, sugar or flavourings. 


As part of the blending process each blend is filled with Energy and Intent.  How do we do this?  The blending area is filled with white light and crystals to raise the vibration.  Each tin is given the intent relating to that tea.  This ritual ensures our teas are high vibing and offer you a healing in a teacup.


Along with our tea blends, we now offer tea treasures to ensure you have all you need to make the perfect brew.  We also have a unique collection of spiritual treasures for you to add to your Spiritual Toolkit.  We are an online Teashop with a dash of SpiritualiTEA.

If you would like to discover SpiritualiTEA in person, we have shops, clinics and cafes around Australia sharing the love within their business.  We do endeavour to attend more Expos and Events in the near future, follow our Social Media links for updates.


We believe that by working with your Chakras and the Energy around you, that your life flows with more ease, abundance and allows you to live the life you truly desire.  Each sip of SpiritualiTEA fills you with vibrant healing energy. 


Browse our Multi Award Winning range of Organic Chakra Teas, specifically formulated by Naturopath, Herbalist and Tea Master Cheryl Brady,

to help balance your Chakras.


Browse our range of Herbal Tisanes and Teas, specifically formulated by Naturopath, Herbalist and Tea Master Cheryl Brady, to help work with the Energy around you; the Moon, Angels, The Seasons, Animals...


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