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A Room by Room Guide to Crystals in the Home

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

I adore my crystals and love finding the perfect spot for them to spread their magic within my home.

We are spending more and more time in our homes at the moment, so keeping your home high vibing is essential.

You might be intuitively drawn to place a crystal somewhere in your home and if that is the case, perfect. If not, here are some suggestions as to where your treasures can spread some love.



A crystal filled with white light energy, I imagine this crystal washing over me and cleansing my aura as I shower. I keep it away from water though as it looses its shine, place it in a dry spot in the bathroom and infuse it with your intention.


Such a mesmerizing and pretty crystal, it truly radiates beauty. I keep it with my skincare products to infuse them with Celesite's glowing energy.

Rose Quartz

Enjoy a bath with a dash of love from this beautiful crystal. Keep a piece beside the bath so it is always there and ready for a soothing, love filled soak.


Rose Quartz

Fill your kitchen, food and all the meals you prepare with love. We all know it is the secret ingredient to making food taste delicious. :)


A great crystal to enhance the uptake of Iron and to oxygenate the blood, hence I like to keep it around my food when cooking.


As the kitchen is often a place where everyone gets together, I like it to be filled with joy.

Chakra collection with my teas

I sit a crystal on top of each chakra tea that relates to that chakra and often sit with the crystal whilst sipping on the tea.

Root Chakra - Red Jasper

Sacral Chakra - Carnelian

Solar Plexus Chakra - Tigers Eye

Heart Chakra - Mangano Calcite

Throat Chakra - Aquamarine

Third Eye Chakra - Sodalite

Crown Chakra - Amethyst


Black Tourmaline

Like a protective personal guardian angel. I place small pieces of Black Tourmaline around my door creating what Adam Barralet describes in his book as a magical doorway of cleansing. For me it is like guardians taking away the stress shield and replacing it with a calming protective cape. If siblings are bickering, place some pieces of Black Tourmaline in their rooms or areas they interact.

Tigers Eye

After Black Tourmaline has worked its magic I am then encased in a golden light of protection from Tiger's Eye.



The crystal of joy, happiness and abundance can be place all around the house. I like a piece at the centre of my dining room table for when we all sit around together. I also have a piece in my kitchen and of course wherever money is kept. A great crystal for grids as who doesn't want more abundance.


A beautiful crystal to keep in the centre of the dining room table as its warmth radiates an brings a family together.



A beautiful crystal to have in your bedroom as it has a sedative effect. It also has a positive effect on the pineal gland which is the gland responsible for the release of melatonin which regulates our wake and sleep cycles. Its soothing energy is also calming releasing the chatter in the mind making way for a restful sleep.

Shungite / Selenite

As Shungite accelerates healing and our a great deal of our body's healing takes place whilst we sleep, it is a great crystal to have in the bedroom. But as it does energise the body, it may keep you awake. Hence pair it with a selenite.



Generally in a study we have computers, mobiles, chargers and possibly wifi modems. Shungite protects against electromagnetic radiation.


A great crystal for memory recall and increasing aptitude. For the students in my home I have a piece for them to keep at their desk and then a piece to take with them when going to school or doing an exam.

Fluorite is also a great crystal to use when you are trying to find an object you have lost. Call in Archangel Chamuel and carry your fluorite and your lost treasure is sure to find its way back to you.


Place a piece of Atlantisite on top of books to awaken insights.

Lounge Room


To help reduce the electromagnetic radiation, keep Shungite near the wifi modem, TV, computer etc.


I keep Lepidolite on my coffee table to sit with in the evening when reading or watching tv to take away the stresses of the day.

Blue Lace Agate

A calming, peaceful stone that assists with stress and is great for the Throat chakra. A great crystal to sit with whilst you chill out in the evening and also great for the dining room table.

Crystal Bowl

I have a bowl filled with tumble stones I have collected over the years that don't have a specific place in the home. Generally I am drawn to them weekly. Like a lucky dip, I see what crystal has a message for me at that time.

Many of my crystals are on my writing desk where I do oracle and tarot cards, journal and do my spiritual practices. I also have a collection for when I am meditating and doing yoga. By keeping them together where I am going to use them, ensures they don't get forgotten.

I believe the crystals want to work with us. They want to be seen and spread their energy around your home.


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