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  • Cheryl Brady

Connecting with your Ancestors at Hallowe'en

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

Hallowe'en is celebrated on October 31st and is followed by the festival of Samhain. It is a mystical time of the year when the veil between our world and the spiritual world is thin. Hence easier to connect with our departed loved ones. The energy of Hallowe'en is around days before and after the actual festival.

So let's work with the energy of Hallowe'en.

Hallowe'en is one of my favourite festivals. The children love the opportunity to dress up. Trick or treating gives you the opportunity to meet your neighbours and create a community vibe. From the spiritual side, I like to add to the celebration with some traditions that the whole family can be involved in. Setting a place at the table for someone who is no longer in our physical world, gives us the opportunity to remember them and share stories. It also brings their energy nearer.

To enhance the experience during Hallowe'en, no surprise, I work with a tea.

Whilst it can be consumed at any time, I created the Ancestor Tea with Hallowe'en in mind. Along with anniversaries and birthdays of our departed loved ones which are also special times to sit with the Tea and connect. There are also days when you would love a conversation, a hug or a smile from a departed loved one, and sipping on the Ancestor Tea makes the day better.

Connecting with your Ancestors offers the opportunity for healing, insight and guidance that can assist you on your path,

in this lifetime.

Our Ancestor Tea label is only a few weeks away. On the label I have explained a few methods to use to open communication channels with a departed loved one, here is a sneak peak:

Write Letters: As you write, you may find your thoughts become more like someone speaking to you. You may wish to write the letter and burn it to send it off on the astral or keep it should the letter have given you a message. Do what feels right for you.

Dreams: Visits from departed loved ones in a dream are pretty special. To enhance the process you may wish to add an item that belonged to them or a photo of them, to your pillowcase.

Crystal Healing: Dedicate a crystal to your Ancestors, one you intend to only use for connecting with them. Sit with the crystal and see, hear, feel the messages.

Visualisation: Picture them sitting with you, sharing tea and actively engaging with you. This is one of my favourite methods of connecting with my departed loved ones. I brew up my Ancestor Tea in one of my favourite mugs, often one handed down from my Ancestors and find a quiet place to sip my tea and connect.

Our Ancestor Tea is a black tea blend, like a traditional English Breakfast blend. A blend of black teas from all around the world. It can be consumed with milk and sugar or honey if desired. Brew for 2-3mins depending upon your own taste and desires. The label is going to be pink. Representing love and connection with your loved ones.

Connect with your Tarot Cards: What messages do your departed loved ones have for you? Ask the cards. Our Black Cat and Bat Scales found a new home when we closed The Tea Empress last year, but we still have lots of Tarot and Oracle cards for sale online.

Wishing you a magical Hallowe'en filled with blessings and connection.


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