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  • Cheryl Brady

Our teas are high vibing. What does that mean?

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

It has been 7 years since I decided to use my Naturopathic skills to create my own tea blends. So many new tea lovers have joined in since the journey began, I wanted to share with you how our teas are blended and what makes them high vibing.

Created and Blended by a Naturopath

For those I haven't met at an expo, festival or via my tea shop The Tea Empress, my name is Cheryl Brady and I am the creator of SpiritualiTEA. I am a Naturopath, Herbalist and Tea Master. All the tea blending is done by me. I also label all of the teas and pack your orders. I have 20 years experience as a Naturopath and I used this knowledge to create the blends.

The Magical space where the teas are blended

The room has been designed with the assistance of my Feng Shui consultant Tina Curro from @design2fengshui to ensure the energy of the house and room is an optimal space for blending and storing tea.

Crystals have been placed around the room to infused the teas with crystal energy.

Selenite as a continual vibration of white light.

Citrine for joy, abundance and prosperity.

Moss Agate as it helps to unfold the full flavours of tea and herbs.

Rose Quartz to fill the room with love.

Kyanite to balance all the chakras.

Clear Quartz towers to keep the master healer connected to source.

Hematite to remain grounded.

The Alchemist at work

All the teas are hand blended. No machinery involved at all. Simply the herbs, fruits, spices and tea are blended in small batches.

I brew a cup of tea prior to blending. When blending Throat Chakra tea, I enjoy my cup of this tea. Filling the tea with intention to clear, cleanse and balance the Throat Chakra. Intention is powerful. The energy I give out is the energy you receive.

Once the tins are filled they are placed around a white light energy plate.

A crystal wand is place in the centre and the corresponding chakra crystal is activated to generate chakra crystal energy and combine with the white light.

Candles are also placed around the teas.

This process creates a white light tunnel to source, a technique I have learnt via Atlantis and Lemurian healing sessions.

Once blending is completed the Teas are stored with crystals until they make their way to your home for brewing.

It truly is a blissful process and the end product ensures you enjoy a high vibing healing in a teacup.



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