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  • Cheryl Brady

How to check in with your Chakras

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

I like to check in with my chakras each day and I do so in a number of ways.

But firstly why do we do this daily?

As we go through the motions of everyday life and all the thoughts, feelings, events, ups and downs that occur, our chakras absorb that energy. Hence we need to give them some attention to keep them balanced.

Here are some ways to check in with your chakras


There are many chakra meditations available online that can take you through each chakra to check in and give it white light to balance that chakra. I love Belinda Davidson's chakra meditations, she has a long and short one available.

Chakra Meditations allow you to feel into the chakra and notice any discomfort, pain, messages that come through. Whilst at the same time you notice these aspects, through the meditation you are helping to balance the chakra.

Chakra Tea

Our Teas are filled with the intent to assist you to balance your chakras. Hence by selecting your tea and sitting mindfully, you can balance your chakra.

How to choose the chakra tea?

There are a number of ways to do this and you will find the more you work with your chakras, the more intuitive you become.

  • You might be drawn to the colour of the tin. Colour therapy impacts our daily lives. Often we are wearing the colour we need.

  • The ingredients in the tea. Upon smelling, looking at and reading up on the herbs, spices and fruits within the blend you may be drawn to a particular ingredient. Or have an aversion to the ingredients. A strong desire or aversion often represents an imbalance

  • You might have been doing some healing work and already know which chakra needs some assistance.

  • The information on the label. Each label has information on what you experience when this chakra is balanced. You may read this and know you need some assistance in these areas.

Using a Pendulum

A simple and quick way to check in on the status of your Chakras is with a Pendulum. If you haven't done so, firstly you need to find out which way is yes and no with the pendulum.

Simply hold the pendulum over each tea and ask "is this Chakra balanced?"

Sometimes more than one chakra will tell you it is out of balance, that is not uncommon. If you don't have the teas, you can of course hold the pendulum over each chakra point on your body and ask the question. If you don't have a pendulum, you can make your own using a crystal tied to a piece of cotton or a piece of star anise attached to some cotton.

A daily check in with your chakras via meditation, chakra teas and a pendulum are tools to add to your spiritual toolbox, assisting you to navigate your life.


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