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Manifesting Magic Ritual

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

It is a big weekend of Manifesting Magic with 8/8 Lion's gate portal and the New Moon occurring on Sunday 8 August.

Firstly what is the New Moon and Lion's Gate Portal all about?

The New Moon is the the beginning of the Moon cycle, time to plant the seeds, that is our intentions, goals, wishes. Think of it like the celebration of a New Year where we set our goals for the year and celebrate the new. Make a wish list of your hearts true desires.

The Lion's Gate portal occurs when the Earth and the Sirius star system are aligned. Astrologically, this portal is called the Lion's gate portal due to the Sun being in the sign of Leo which has the Lion as its symbol. Sirius is the second brightest star in the sky, next to our Sun and it is often referred to as the 'Spiritual Sun'. It is twice the size of our Sun and 26 times brighter hence it is known for lighting up the spirit and illuminating our higher goals.

The portal is said to be 'open' for several weeks before and after the 8th and this year as the 8th also falls on the New Moon it is a big day for manifesting, leveling up and creating change in our lives.

Manifesting Ritual - Step by Step

1. Cleanse your space & Light Candles

Time to get the energetic vacuum out. Your Sage Smudge Stick. This prepares

the house for the fresh new energy coming in.

Lighting candles brings in white light to the space and connect you to the Universe.

2. Brew Tea.

After clearing the energy around you, it is now time to align the energy within

you, to the manifesting magic. SpiritualiTEA New Moon Tea is a Green Tea so

brew at 80 degrees and sip it mindfully in preparation for making your wishes.

3. Choose Crystals.

Citrine is a manifesting power crystal. I have one large Citrine that I place on my

journal after writing my wishes and I carry a Citrine in my pocket for the day. Other

manifesting crystals are Moonstone, Cinnabarite, Moss Agate. Clear Quartz can

always be programmed to assist with manifesting if needed.

4. Write your Wishes.

Grab your favourite journal to write down your 8 wishes. If you need inspiration,

a great book to refer to is Jan Spiller New Moon Astrology. Generally it is best to

write your wishes within the 8 hours after the New Moon energy enters which is

1150pm on Sunday 8 August.

Remember to aim BIG, the universe is ABUNDANT.

5. Crystal Grid.

Creating an abundance Crystal Grid is open to your creativity and imagination.

A great idea is to place a generator crystal in the centre and a picture of

something you are wishing to manifest under this crystal.

Sometimes I put dried herbs, some New Moon tea or rose petals around the

outside of the grid.

Our New Moon Manifesting Pack

We have your manifesting treasures all ready for you in our new pack. Our delicious Green tea along with a Journal (3 designs to choose from) and 2 pieces of Citrine. A raw piece to place on your journal or in your grid and a tumblestone to keep the manifesting energy with you.

Enjoy the Manifesting Magic.


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