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Black tea with a Citrus Twist AKA Earl Grey Tea

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Earl Grey tea is one of the most recognised teas in the world. It is typically a black tea base flavoured with the oil from the rind of Bergamot Orange. This fragrant citrus fruit is the size of an orange with genetic research indicating it is a hybrid of lemon and bitter orange.

History of Earl Grey Tea

Earl Grey tea is assumed to be named after the 2nd Earl Grey, Charles Grey who was the British Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in the 1830’s. There are a few stories associated with how this tea was named after him. One explains that a Chinese tea master created the blend as a gift to the Prime Minister. It is said that the tea master used Bergamot to offset the lime flavour from the water well on Earl Grey's estate. It is believed that Lady Grey loved the blend and not only used exclusively when entertaining but also requested the blend be recreated by London tea merchants.

No two the same
As Earl Grey is a style of tea, no two blends from different tea blenders will be the same.
Firstly the black tea base used in Earl Grey tea can be one of many black teas. Which will undoubtedly change the flavour of the tea.

The addition of Bergamot can be the actual rind and cut into varying sizes, it could also be the oil. Organic or Non Organic. Different countries of origin as with all food affects the flavour. Plus there is artificial flavouring use by many companies to make Earl Grey Tea.

Our Earl Grey Tea - SpiritualiTEA Shadow Moon Tea
We use a renowned Ceylon black tea from the Kenilworth Garden in Sri Lanka. This Kenilworth tea has a delicious smoothness that works well with milk and compliments the Bergamot.
We use finely cut, premium Organic Bergamot peel in our Earl Grey blend.

Blue Cornflowers
Historically Tea Masters constantly experimented with ways to make their teas more unique and to capture the attention of both reigning monarchs and trade merchants wishing to return home with new creations. We have added blue cornflowers to our Earl Grey Blend.
Flowers naturally vibrate at a high frequency, hence they are a powerful addition to any tea. Blue cornflowers assist to awaken psychic abilities and work with the third eye chakra to allow you to tap into your intuition.

Shadow / Dark Moon Energy
2 days before the New Moon is the time referred to as either the Shadow or Dark Moon. It is a time to reflect on the past moon cycle. As this cycle comes to an end we pack up, finish off projects, tie up loose ends and then rest, reflect and nurture ourselves before the New Moon comes along and we start a new moon cycle. This tea also hold the energy to work on your Shadow self.

Tips to make a delicious cup of Shadow/Earl Grey Tea
As we use finely cut Bergamot, you will find they sit at the bottom of the tin, so give the tin a good shake before opening each time. Brew 1 teaspoon per cup for 2-3mins. The brew time will depend upon the strength you like your tea. This tea works well with milk and/or sugar/honey, but it is full of flavour with only boiling water added.

We hope you enjoy your cup of traditional Earl Grey Tea, with a delicious citrus twist along with high vibing cornflowers. Lovingly hand blended by our Tea Master in Melbourne with love, white light, crystal energy and powerful Shadow Moon intention .

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