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  • Cheryl Brady

Why are no two 'English Breakfast' Tea's the same?

Updated: May 19, 2022

What is an 'English' Breakfast Tea?

It is a style of tea that includes a blend of black teas.

The black teas often come from, but not always, the Assam region in India, Ceylon in Sri Lanka and East Africa. There are many different tea estates within each of those regions to choose from, hence a large variety of tea flavours.

Tea blenders have lots of magnificent tea options to choose from when creating an English Breakfast blend.

Adding to the options are the quality of the tea. Full leaf. Tea grading. Tea bag's tea, which often uses the dust that remains after the tea picking process.

The flavours in your cuppa are influenced by our consumer choices; loose leaf and tea bags. Check out my article about the plastics in teabags.

Hence it is not surprising that the taste of this style of tea is different for every brand.

Generally an English Breakfast tea is described as a full bodied, rich blend that can be consumed with milk and sugar.

Accounts of its actual origin are varied, but we do know it is popular in England and was made popular during Queen Victoria's reign. As for the breakfast, well a delicious brew compliments an "English Breakfast".

SpiritualiTEA blends

Our teas are all loose leaf blends, of premium quality and each one is considered a healing in a teacup due to the healing energy and intent infused into each blend by our Tea Master and Naturopath.

3 Breakfast Blends from SpiritualiTEA

* Angel Breakfast Tea - 12 black teas from Boseong in South Korea. A light brew, full of delicious caramel, malt and honey notes. This tea is full of flavour and character. All our teas have a energy/spiritual element. Work with this tea when connecting with your Angels. Ask for help from your Angels and see what magic you can create.

* Yin/Yang Winter Tea - a blend of Assam and Kenyan Milima - a full bodied tea full of honey and caramel notes, works well with milk. A more traditional style of English Breakfast tea, and as black tea is yang, that is warming, it is a delicious blend during the cooler months.

* Ancestor Tea - a blend of 5 black teas from around the world. A strong bodied tea for those who ask for their tea, strong. On the spiritual side it assists you to connect with memories of your departed loved ones, like a cup of tea with grandma. Tap into the wisdom from your loved ones and past life connections.

Oh, and just because the word Breakfast is used to describe this tea doesn't mean that is the only time you can enjoy your Breakfast tea. I enjoy my Breakfast tea, morning, noon and night.

Our Ancestor tea with and without milk
Ancestor Tea



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