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  • Cheryl Brady

No more Bitter Green Tea

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

" I want to like Green Tea as I know it is good for my heart but it is so bitter."

" Why is Green Tea so bitter?"

" I can never get it to taste the same as when I have it at a restaurant."

" I have been told to drink several cups of Green Tea a day but I can't get through one."

I want you to love Green Tea.

It can taste amazing and it is great for your heart, blood sugar levels and is a caffeine hit full of the good stuff.

How can we move past the bitter taste of Green Tea? Here are my Tips to brewing a flavoursome cup of Green Tea you will love.

How to brew Green Tea so you will like it?

Tip 1. Water should be 80 degrees.

If you have been brewing Black tea, you would be adding boiling water (100 degrees) to your teacup or pot. We don't do this with Green Tea.

If you place boiling water onto Green tea leaves you burn the leaves and it makes the tea taste bitter.

We want the water at 80 degrees, which is easy to do if you have a kettle that allows for different brewing temps. If you don't, then boil the water and add that water to your pot or tea for one cup. Wait 2-3mins or so and add the tea leaves once the water has cooled down slightly.

Tip 2: Brew according to the time on the label

If you over brew Green Tea it can also make it bitter. Generally steep time for Green Tea is 2-3mins but stick to the advise on the label. Our New Moon and Heart Chakra teas both contain Green Tea and we suggest a brew time of 2 minutes.

Tip 3: Not all Green Tea is the same

Loose leaf vs Teabag, an ongoing debate.

My view as a Naturopath and Tea Master is this.

I believe loose leaf allows for the plant to be less processed hence more in its truest form and flavour. It allows the leaf to open and expel all its deliciousness.

The Green Tea used in teabags is often the dust and tea fannings left over after the quality leaves have been used for other teas. Teabags themselves to me add another dimension to the brewing of any tea that is no necessary and have been shown to have microplastics which our bodies don't need. To me a cup of tea is a healing in a teacup and I want to avoid any unnecessary ingredients.

That being said, we often need/want the convenience of tea bags. So I choose teabags that are biodegradable and I fill them myself with our DIY teabags.

There are also many types of Green tea.

Sencha. Matcha. Tencha. Gyokuro. And they all come from different countries hence exposed to different climates therefore create different flavours. Another reason why the brewing and steep time on the label is important.

Not a Tip but a bit about the Health Benefits of Green Tea

Green Tea is full of polyphenol antioxidants of which the main one is catechins. We love antioxidants. We need more via our diet as they help us combat the oxidants we are exposed to in our everyday lives. The health benefits of Green Tea are well researched. From improving memory, to assisting with blood sugar levels to improving heart health overall including reducing cholesterol and reducing the risk of high blood pressure.

On an energetic level, Green tea is in our in our Heart Chakra blend to assist to balance this chakra. This tea contains a Chinese Sencha Green Tea which is a lighter vegetal flavour hence adding Red rose petals and Vanilla bean bring out a balanced, lighter flavour then our New Moon tea.

Japanese Sencha is in our New Moon tea along with toasted rice. It is a nutty flavour quite different to Japanese Sencha on its own.

Happy brewing. If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate in contacting me so I can make your tea brewing experience blissful.



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