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  • Cheryl Brady

Technology Free Start to the Day

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

Many of us wake from dreamland and go straight into work mode. It is like going from our bed to sitting in a meeting. All in a matter of seconds. When I sat with my ideal start to the day, what I was doing, wasn’t it. Waking up and being switched on straight away by looking at our phone and all the notifications, emails, texts etc. when we aren’t even awake properly, is not the way I wanted to start my day. So these school holidays I am trying technology free hour upon waking. Lockdown and school holidays are great times to look at our routines and see what we would like to change.

I have decided to start my day slowly.

My first hour after waking now involves conscious actions that fill my cup before my day begins.

Deep breaths, meditation, dream journaling because if I don’t write them down straight away I forget them. I also like to tap into my intuition and get out the Tarot cards for my card of the day. I have a bowl of crystal tumblestones and I choose a crystal to carry for the day, letting my intuition guide me. Stretching or some yoga poses and I make 2 cups of tea.

A Chariot Tea filled with Lemongrass and Ginger is a great way to Break-The-Fast.

As a Naturopath, lemon water is what I have always recommended with clients. It is a great way to wake up the digestive system and kicks the liver into motion. The Chariot tea is my version of lemon water with the benefits of herbs. Ginger gets the circulation going, which is perfect on cold mornings.

Then I make a Breakfast tea, my caffeine hit.

Within the SpiritualiTEA range I can choose from Angel Breakfast, a lighter breakfast tea best without milk. Yin/Yang Winter which is more of a traditional English Breakfast blend and Ancestor Tea, a more full bodied blend.

After this first hour of my day, doing what I enjoy, I have filled my cup and I am ready to pick up the phone. A week and a half in and I feel like I am getting more done with the day. When I do go to my phone and emails it feels different and the best word I can use to describe it is, empowering. I love that. My next challenge will be getting up an hour earlier when school goes back to ensure I can keep my technology free hour.



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